Get to know the person you’re not. Invite him in. Let him take his shoes off. Respect him and hear his story. Listen. Let him finish his sentences. You might not agree, But at least give yourself the chance to understand why. Give yourself the chance to see him for what you both have in […]

A child always looks forward to his or her birthday, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve realized how it’s not my birthday that I’m anticipating every November. It’s not a party, or cards or presents, or even the day, it’s the days that follow; it’s the season, it’s coming home, it’s the company, the comfort, […]

When things go right, it makes me feel oddly suspicious. You’d think if events go as planned, or even better, go well without a plan at all, that would be excellent, and while it definitely is, it’s something to which I am completely unaccustomed. The three blissful days spent meandering through Paris were surreal to […]

A few friends and I decided to take advantage of our mini break between our first month intensive course and the start of our full semester to travel to London and Paris within a four-day period– crazy as it seems, one destination wouldn’t be enough. But we came back happy to say that while we […]

First and foremost, an apology for the dry spell, as it probably appears that I have frolicked into Spain and abandoned my blog completely. Well, this is half-true. I’ve been frolicking, but I had no intention of keeping my experiences to myself! Three-ish weeks ago, my hard drive failed, causing me mild panic and a […]

One month in, and we’re starting to get into the swing of our schedules and our environment, but we’ve also embarked on many outings as well. Things are starting to feel familiar, and navigating around the city is significantly less intimidating than before. Yay! Aaand I’ve come to realize I may spend half of my […]